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Average Starting Pay for Border Patrol Jobs in Washington DC is between $36,658 and $46,542 per year. Border Patrol Jobs Offer Many Fantastic Benefits, Including:

Full Federal Benefits
Paid Training
Paid Vacations
No Experience Necessary!

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Several Positions Available, Including:

Border Patrol Agent
CBP Officer
Marine Interdiction Agent
Air Interdiction Agent
CBP Agriculture Specialist
Import Specialist
Intelligence Research Specialist
UAV Pilot
CBP Contract Specialist
Field Canine Coordinator

Minimum Requirements To Qualify For Border Patrol Jobs:

Must be at least 18 years of age but less than 40 years old.

Must be a US Citizen and Resident of the U.S.

Must have a High School Diploma or GED

How to Get Border Patrol Jobs in Washington D.C.

The United States capital of the District of Columbia, popularly known as “the District” or “DC”, is important to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), an agency of the Department of Homeland Security for two reasons. First, the CBP Headquarters is located here. Second, Border Patrol Agents together with fellow enforcers from the U.S. Customs are also responsible for preventing the entry of terrorists and their weapons into the nation’s capital.

The Detroit Sector of the CBP oversees the activities of the Border Patrol in the District together with CBP operations in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. More than 2,000 apprehensions and about 1,500 pounds of marijuana and cocaine have been seized by Border Patrol Agents in Washington, DC. There is only one port of entry in the District of Columbia. This is the Port of Washington-Dulles which provides Cargo Trade Operations; Passenger Operations; and a Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures Office. Thus, Border Patrol Agents, CBP Officers, Air and Marine Interdiction Agents, Contract Specialists, Agricultural Specialists, Field Canine Coordinators, and Intelligence Research Specialists are also needed in the District.

To qualify as a Border Patrol Agent and apply for Washington DC Border Patrol jobs, you need to meet the basic qualifications for entry. These include U.S. Citizenship; be a residence of the United States or its protectorates or territories for at least 3 years before the time of application; a valid U.S. driver’s license; and meet the educational and/or experience qualifications. All Border Patrol Agent applicants seeking to qualify through education must hold a bachelor’s degree if they want to be hired at the entry-level. The work requirements for those who want to qualify using experience is one year. The work must showcase the applicant’s ability to stay calm and make rational decisions even in the face of extreme stress and potential danger. The work may be paid or unpaid, full time or part-time, and need not necessarily be related to law enforcement.

All agent applicants in the District have to pass the Border Patrol Entrance Examination to be included in the Border Patrol Agent inventory. Once in the list, you have the chance to be tentatively selected for the position—although there is no guarantee that passing the test will mean automatic selection. Your name will be in the roster for a year and if there are vacancies that open in your category, you will get the chance to be selected.

The rigorous selection process will involve physical fitness test, drug test, medical exam, polygraph test, background interview, and oral board interview. You must pass all these successfully to be considered for employment. For the background interview, the hiring committee will interview present and previous employers, check your criminal history, and get a copy of your credit report. You will get disqualified if you have a felony conviction and a misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence. You may also be potentially dropped out of consideration if you have been fired from your jobs with cause and/or have a derogatory credit record.

All new recruits will be sent for Border Patrol training at the Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, NM. There, they will stay for 58 days and will have to pass the academic and physical fitness and other requirements before they will be sent to their duty location as a Border Patrol Agent in Washington, DC.

All vacancies for Border Patrol Agents are listed in the USAJOBS ( website, the official government portal for Federal jobs. You need to register for an account so that you can create a profile, save your resume, and apply for CBP vacancies online. Read the entire announcement so that you know what documents to upload together with your resume.  

To learn more about a Border Patrol career, you can talk to a Detroit Sector recruiter by calling 1-877-420-USBP or emailing them at

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