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U.S. Customs and Border Patrol: 3 Ways to Apply for Openings

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Working for the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol inspires pride and fulfillment. Pride because you know that you are part of the brave men and women who have made it their mission to protect the country from terrorists and/or their weapons. It also gives a certain sense of fulfillment because you know that you have done your share in protecting America and on a more personal level, your loved ones.

But the path towards becoming a Border Patrol Agent (BPA) is not easy. The rigorous selection process is meant to weed out those who cannot withstand the day-to-day demands of the job and of course eliminate those whose backgrounds make them unfit to become law enforcers.

If you believe you have what it takes to become a BPA then there are basically three ways to learn more about the job and jumpstart the application process. First, you can talk to a CBP recruiter near you. You can ask them questions so you can get to know the career better. A recruiter is available for each Border Patrol Sector.

Second, you can do a search for Border Patrol Agent openings in the official website for Federal government jobs, USAJOBS ( By typing “border patrol agent” on the keyword search of the USAJOBS website, you will be able to see if the CBP is currently hiring. The announcement will also tell you what the qualifications needed are and how to apply online. You need to have an account with USAJOBS (registration is free) if you want to channel your application online.  

The third way to learn more about the job is to attend job fairs that the CBP organizes all over the country. For 2013, the CBP has a variety of events and schedules for those who are interested in exploring a career with the agency. They also have outreach activities for veterans in various states who want to explore possibilities of employment.

In March, for example, their calendar is full of job fairs and outreach activities. They have schedules in Puerto Rico, New York, Washington, California, Georgia, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Arizona, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Massachusetts.  The complete schedules and venues can be downloaded from the CBP website by clicking on the Outreach/Recruiting Calendar link on the right hand part of your screen ( You will download an Excel file where the event start and end dates, event name, location, and city are outlined.

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