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Border Patrol Entrance Exam

A passing score on the US Border Patrol Entrance Examination is 70, but your goal should be to score in the 90’s. There are three sections to the exam.

You will be tested on logical reasoning skills and job-related experiences and achievements assessment. Your study guide includes everything you need to get started.

It has a 187 page study guide and several complete practice exams. Taking the practice exams in advance will give you a real advantage in the process – so be sure to do those first.

There is a one-time refundable fee of $39.95 for your registration materials and study guide.

On average, the base starting salary for the Border Patrol is $36,658 to $46,542 per year with full government benefits. Your pay can be much higher because the average full time CBP salary is $64,000 per year with benefits and overtime included.

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