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Experience – Border Patrol Jobs

Border Patrol Jobs

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Applicants must demonstrate they have the experience and/or education with the requirements of GL-5, GL-7, and GL-9 levels, including:

  • Understanding law enforcement regulations, methods, and techniques
  • Examining documents and records, as well as perform interrogations and apprehensions for further case development.
  • Analyze information quickly while making appropriate and prompt decisions and actions according to applicable laws.
  • Prepare and appear as a witness in court cases
  • Maintain courteous and tactful manners with individuals and groups of people during their detention and interrogation
  • Develop and maintain communication with informants, political organizations, state and local agencies, and private citizens to effectively conduct enforcement responsibilities.
  • Use law enforcement databases and information retrieval systems
  • Prepare and write reports and other documents regarding collection, protection, and recording of evidence.
  • Present testimonies and retain information documents regarding illegal activities

If your previous work experience or education alone does not qualify you for a position, you may qualify based on these experiences combined.

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