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Aside from the giving you helpful information about the agency, recruiters also answers questions you may have about the Border Patrol. They can also help you begin the application process.

Of course, you can always research working for the CBP on your own. The CBP website ( is a great place to start. However, if you want to get the lowdown of this job and get immediate answers to all your questions then start by talking to a recruiter! 

There are CBP recruiters assigned for each Border Patrol Sector. Here are the contact information (phone numbers and/or email addresses) of these recruiters. Remember: they’re there to help!!

If you live in Alaska, Oregon, or Washington (west), you belong to the Blaine Sector in Blaine, WA. The recruiter’s phone number is (360) 332-1610.

Prospective agents from Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania belong to the Buffalo Sector in Grand Island, NY. The recruiter’s phone number is 1-866-775-6270. The email address is:

Those in Texas (central), Virginia, and West Virginia belong to the Del Rio Sector in Del Rio, TX. The recruiter can be reached at 1-877-420-USBP. The email address:

If you are from the District of Columbia, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, you belong to the Detroit Sector in Detroit, MI. You can call the recruiter also at 1-877-420-USBP or email them at

For those living in California (east) and Missouri, the recruiter can be reached at this phone number: 1-866-508-9076. You belong to the El Centro Sector in El Centro, CA.

If you are from Colorado, Illinois, or New Mexico, you can call the recruiter at 1-866-525-8848 or email them at These states belong to the El Paso Sector in El Paso, TX.

Residents of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin belong to the Grand Forks Sector in Grand Forks, ND. The recruiter can be reached at 1-866-430-8120 by phone or emailed in this address:

Potential agents coming from Montana and Nebraska belong to the Havre Sector in Havre, MT. The recruiter can be contacted in this number 1-866-931-6962. Their email address is:

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island are under the Houlton Sector in Houlton, ME. Their phone number is 1-800-231-5434.

If you live in Kentucky, North Carolina, or Texas (north), you are in the Laredo Sector headquartered in Laredo, TX. You can get in touch with them through these phone numbers: (956) 723-7630 or (956) 723-1894.

Oklahoma and Texas (west) belong to the Marfa Sector in Marfa, TX. The recruiter can be reached by calling 1-888-536-6204.

Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas (east) are classified as belonging to the Rio Grande Valley Sector in Edinburg, TX. The phone number of the recruiter is: 1-800-863-9382 and the email address is:

The Miami Sector in Miami, FL encompasses all of Florida. If you live here, call (561) 848-6161 to get in touch with a recruiter.

Arkansas and Louisiana belong to the New Orleans Sector in New Orleans, LA. Call (504) 376-2830 to talk to a recruiter.

The Ramey Sector in Aguadilla, PR encompasses Puerto Rico. Prospective applicants from here can call up 1-800-981-1313 ext. 4928 or 4930 to get in touch with a recruiter.

Those living in Hawaii and in northern and southern California can call up (619) 216-4152 to talk to a recruiter from the San Diego Sector headquartered in San Diego, CA.

Idaho, Iowa, and Washington (east) belong to the Spokane Sector in Spokane, WA. The recruiter’s contact information are (509) 353-2672 (phone) and (email).

The Swanton Sector in Swanton, VT covers New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York (east), and Vermont. The recruiter can be reached at (518) 298-2217.

Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, and Utah fall under the Tucson Sector headquartered in Tucson, Arizona. The phone number for the recruiter is 1-866-318-9151. The email address is:

Finally, the Yuma Sector in Yuma, AZ covers Arizona (west), Kansas, and Nevada. The recruiter’s phone number is 1-888-376-6419 and the email address is

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