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How Hard is it to Apply for Border Patrol?

Now that we’ve outlined the process of how to apply for border patrol, let’s consider another question that all prospective applicants want answered: Just how hard is it to apply for border patrol?

The truth of the matter is that it is difficult if you don’t prepare correctly! That is why it is important to know the process and have help with your application. Do well on the border patrol exam – so getting a border patrol exam registration package like the one here is definitely recommended! While it is possible to do all this yourself with extensive research and detailed study – it is much easier when you have a step by step course to follow. This speeds things up and helps you to avoid common mistakes which can keep you from getting the job.

The process includes getting your papers together, preparing your resume, uploading, and sending your application package through the USAJOBS portal. Having a step by step tutorial to follow really helps the process so that you don’t skip important steps or put things on your resume that will exclude you from the job.

Craft a winning resume and gather all the necessary documents that are required to support your application. You need to give yourself a few days to go through the process so that you know you have put your best foot forward with the Border Patrol.

The next step comes after you have already sent your application. The first goal that you have is to do well on the CBP written test. You will be tested on general knowledge, logical reasoning, and Spanish language skills.

If you do not yet know Spanish, you will be taking the “ALT” or the Alternative Language Test which gauges your ability to learn a foreign language. The study guides on the Border Patrol website will help you with studying for the ALT.

The key to doing well on the border patrol exam is practice! There are a few practice exams you can find online for free – so take advantage!  The few free practice tests will get you started but to properly prepare for the test you should do as many border patrol practice exams as possible. Going over the border patrol practice tests multiple times is advised as it will help familiarize you with the material and take away anxiety on test day. There are border patrol exam practice tests available for sale on this website. You can find them here!

The next step is when you actually get tentatively selected to become a border patrol agent candidate. There is a physical fitness test, oral board interview and background check.

The pre-employment fitness test is there to make sure you can meet the physical demands of the job. The oral board interview with three experienced border patrol agents is to determine that you can think on your feet when necessary. The background investigation is normal as you would guess for any type government security career. So you should be sure to provide only true information on your application. Do not make anything up!

When you get hired as a new recruit, you then begin the Border Patrol Academy. The Border Patrol Academy consists of academic courses, physical training programs, firearms and driving techniques. If you do not speak Spanish, then you will also attend the Spanish Task-Based Language Program. These are the final steps in becoming a border patrol agent. Breaking it down like this makes it seem like a lot but in reality thousands of agents have already completed these exact steps – so you can do it too.

So how hard is it to apply for border patrol? That answer is really up to you! The process takes a few steps but with the right guidance and some work on your part it is definitely achievable. Many people have come before you and succeeded. You just need to take it one step at a time.

Working for the Border Patrol can be very rewarding. You are making a difference. Also, the job prospects for this career are only getting better. So you have a job with a lot of security. Job security, good pay and a rewarding career make the Border Patrol a great place to work.

If you are ready to check your eligibility and get the process started then just click your state on the map above and good luck!

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