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CBP Currently Hiring Helicopter/Aircraft Pilot (Air Interdiction Agent)

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), an agency under the Department of Homeland Security is currently accepting applications for Helicopter/Aircraft Pilots. Also known as Air Interdiction Agents, CBP Pilots fly airplanes and/or helicopters to perform aviation law enforcement operations. Their main objective is to detect, interdict and prevent acts of terrorism and the unlawful movement of people, illegal drugs and other contraband toward or across the borders of the United States. The open period for submitting applications is from March 13, 2013 to April 2, 2013. There are few vacancies for Air Interdiction Agents in El Centro, San Diego, Riverside, and Sacramento in California; in McAllen, Marfa, Uvalde, San Antonio, Houston, San Angelo, Laredo, Del Rio, and El Paso in Texas; and in Yuma, Sierra Vista, and Tucson in Arizona. Pilots are also needed in Albuquerque and Deming in New Mexico and in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

As a CBP pilot, one of your main tasks is to conduct air to air, air to water and air to ground border interdiction of people and conveyances illegally crossing US borders. You will also be asked to gather intelligence, detect, intercept, track, apprehend, testify, and liaise with law various law enforcement agencies—from Federal to State to local to tribal and even foreign agencies—to check illegal activities or potential acts of terrorism. Air Interdiction Agents also share intelligence information with the general aviation and marine communities to curb illegal activities. The task of developing strategies to track aircraft, vessels, and people to carry out an effective and successful interdiction also falls on the hands of CBP pilots. When called to, they may also testify under oath before a grand jury, Federal court and/or other legal proceedings.

The key requirements to qualify include the following: U.S. Citizenship; primary U.S. residency for the last three years; be registered with the Selective Service (for males born after 12/31/1959); and willingness to sign a mobility agreement and willingness to relocate as necessary. A background investigation or polygraph test must be passed before getting hired.

The CBP is looking for Aircraft (Dual Rating) and Rotorcraft Helicopter positions. Thus, applicants must meet the basic requirements to be considered. First, you must have a current FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with Rotorcraft helicopter with instrument rating and Airplane (single engine land or multi-engine land with no restrictions) with instrument rating or Rotorcraft helicopter with instrument rating. If you have U.S. military ratings, they can be substituted as appropriate. Other certificates meeting or exceeding Commercial Pilot Certificate are also acceptable.

At the time of application, you must have either an FAA Class I medical or FAA Class II medical—with either one within 12 calendar months of the date of issuance. But at the time of the interview, an FAA Class I medical dated within the previous 12 calendar months is necessary. The minimum total flight time required is 1500 hours, including 250 Pilot-in-Command and 75 hours instrument and 75 night hours. To prove this, you must show your flight log book (s) at the time of your interview.

Other information and the application process can be found in the USAJOBS website. Just click on this link:

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