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How to become a border patrol agent in Arizona

The Border Patrol is meant to conduct their job under alarming, insecure and uncertain circumstances. Their duty hours are forty per week, generally in alternating positions and locations. Moreover they are also required to work for the time beyond the established limit of working hours. It is mandatory for them to be skilful in the use of weapons from which shots are fired, such as pistols and rifles.

About the job

The Office of Border Patrol (OBP) operates under the direction of CBP (Customs and Border Protection)

The Border patrol agents are the representatives of the Central government of the United States of America, who ensure the adherence to the rules and regulations when property and possessions or individuals gain entrance to the United States of America.



  They perform their responsibilities at the entry-ways all along the border to check and block the means of access of unauthorized individuals and outsiders. Their leading obligations are as follows:

o   Concealed espionage by use of various ultra- modern electronic devices (designed to detect, measure or record physical phenomena) scopes that utilize the invisible infrared rays (that not only have a penetrating effect but heating effect also), TVs with low-grade light, airplanes, airships and helicopters. They also make use of gamma rays (a type of electromagnetic radiation) to intercept individuals, while they encroach on the limits of the United States of America.

o   Management, monitoring and investigation of movements of freight and people at portals of access.

o   Capture and take into custody those persons who are unauthorized to live in the United States of America.

o   Give recommendations to the government with regard to the issues and concerns of expatriates, for instance the petition about the duties, rights and privileges of the natives.

Qualifications to become a patrol agent

1.   Candidates should be less than thirty-seven years of age

2.   Education up to the graduate level/sufficient education as well as practical knowledge of maneuvering affairs that pushes to the limit.

3.   The ability to make real-time decisions.

4.   Get thru examinations that evaluate rational intellect.

5.   Endure thorough question and answer sessions to gauge abilities and competence in relation to their relationships, powers of reasoning, potential to figure out difficult situations.

6.    Awaited candidates need to pass drug tests, extensive medical examination and investigations, an all-inclusive personal history scrutiny.

7.   Should be a holder of an authentic government-issued driver’s license.


The new envoys are remunerated at the GL-5,GL-7 or GL-9 grade rank, in accordance with their qualifications and practical knowledge. They are rewarded with a competitive salary for the Federal law enforcement officer.


Since they are required to work for the time beyond the established limit of working hours, hence they are accommodated with chances to earn overtime. Also you are given a budget of fifteen hundred dollars for uniforms.  Life insurance, health insurance, and retirement programs are all characteristics of working for the Federal Government.

About protecting the State of Arizona’s borders

Once positioned in the desert of Arizona, the envoys are supposed to keep the border under surveillance by means of cameras while camouflaging in secret places.  Additionally, they have to pay attention to trails, be watchful of airplanes, airships, balloons or helicopters, following tracks, perform restraining actions on transportation of goods and people, probe and investigate large farms normally devoted to the raising of cattle, horses or sheep. Guarding and inspecting the metropolitan area is also included in their duties.

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