Why should you apply for Border Patrol?

Working for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) can be dangerous. After all, your job involves protecting the country from terrorists and preventing the entry of illegal aliens, drugs and narcotics, and even pests and other agricultural threats into the United States. You take part in covert and overt operations, interdict, and apprehend and all these could potentially pose a threat to your health and safety. There is definitely danger involved. So the question now is: Why should or would you apply for border patrol?

Believe it or not, there are still many reasons why you should apply for border patrol. In this post, we outline three reasons.

1. You should apply for border patrol because it is a stable well paying form of employment. As a federal employee, you receive all the federal benefits which include competitive pay, law enforcement availability pay for overtime work, and a comprehensive benefits package. The border patrol benefits package comprises health and life insurance, a generous retirement package, personal leave days, paid vacation, family care, and illness pay, paid training, ten paid holidays per year, transportation subsidy, and an employee assistance program. Other benefits like tuition assistance, fitness centers, and student loan repayment may also be available. To summarize, you should apply for border patrol because it gives you great pay, great benefits and a quality of life now that enables you to provide a better future for yourself and your family.

2. You should apply for border patrol because it gives you the chance to serve your country. Not all jobs are as noble. What makes law enforcement occupations like that of Border Patrol Agents, Air and Marine Interdiction Agents, and CBP Officers, among others, is that it showcases your patriotism on a daily basis. Not everyone is able to feel the difference they are making to their country like Border Patrol employees do. You will be making a difference. Serving and Protecting. Standing on the front lines for America. What could be a higher calling?

3. You should apply for border patrol because you love it. Not everyone is called to become a Border Patrol Agent, especially a frontline agent. The job is for someone who is called by heart to serve their country. However, if you know deep down that your calling is to protect your country by becoming a Border Patrol agent or specialist then you are in the right place. We salute you and good luck getting started with your new job at the Border Patrol.