Puerto Rico Border Patrol Jobs

How to Get Border Patrol Jobs in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and now, this is one of the areas that the agents of the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) are currently keeping a close watch in. The first priority of the CBP is to thwart the entry of terrorists who want to use Puerto Rico as a starting point for entry to mainland United States. With the history of terrorism that Puerto Rico is known for, this is one of the most important mandates of the CBP.

However, CBP agents also have their hands full as far as drug trafficking is concerned. With the smuggling of illegal drugs from Mexico to the United States getting more difficult, Puerto Rico has become the alternative route for those who are engaged in the illegal drug trade. Thus, Border Patrol Agents, CBP Officers, and Air and Marine Interdiction Agents have to keep a close watch of these items in the six ports of entry in Puerto Rico. The drug trade has perpetrated a climate of violence on the island. To prevent this, CBP agents in Puerto Rico work closely with federal and local officials to prevent the entry of drugs and thus curb the crime rate in the island.

Aside from drugs, employees of the CBP also see to it that human trafficking and threats to the food supply and economy through the introduction of unwanted pathogens and agro-terrorism are checked and prevented before they are able to enter the mainland.   

There are six ports of entry in Puerto Rico which belongs to the Ramey Border Patrol Sector. These are in Aguadilla, Fajardo, Mayaguez, Ponce, San Juan (an Area Port and Service Port), and the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. In the Eastern seaboard, the port of San Juan is considered as one of the busiest. A million containers pass through this port each year, keeping agents on their toes. The Ramey Border Patrol Sector is unique because it is the only Border Patrol Sector that is found outside of the Continental U.S.

If you want to apply for Puerto Rico Border Patrol jobs, you first have to meet the basic requirements for entry. You must be a U.S. Citizen; hold a valid Puerto Rico driver’s license; and be under 40 years old before appointment. Since you will be working in an area where Spanish is used as the primary means of communication, a working knowledge of the language is definitely an asset. However, it is not necessarily a requirement at the time of application.  

Entry-level agent applicants also need to possess a bachelor’s degree if using education to qualify. For those who want to qualify using experience, a one-year paid or unpaid work experience which showcases leadership skills and the ability to make rational decisions even when in danger is required. A combination of education and experience may also be used to qualify.

Applicants have to pass the U.S. Border Patrol Entrance Examination to be included in the Border Patrol Agent Inventory. If you don’t yet have Spanish language fluency, you need to pass the Artificial Language Test which measures your ability to learn Spanish. Logical reasoning is also another component of the Border Patrol Entrance Examination.

Aside from passing the written test, all applicants must also hurdle the physical fitness test, background investigation, drug test, polygraph test, oral interviews, and medical exam, among others. You must be physically fit and healthy if you want to do the duties of a Border Patrol Agent successfully and passing physical fitness tests will serve as proof of your ability. Felony convictions and conviction of crimes involving domestic abuse are automatic disqualifiers. As a law enforcement officer, you need to carry firearms in the course of your duties which necessitate a clean criminal history check.

Applicants who pass the selection process will be given an offer of employment and sent to the Border Patrol Academy in Artesia, NM for 58 days of training. Only those who pass all the courses will be able to work as a Border Patrol Agent in Puerto Rico.

If you have questions about being a Border Patrol Agent, you can talk to a CBP recruiter in the Ramey Sector. The number to call is 1-800-981-1313 ext. 4928 or 4930.